New Benefits for You and Your Family

Maintain the flexibility, prosperity, and security of your career by joining Local 8.

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Better Wages & Benefits

Your employer takes money out of your check for health care and retirement — we do not. Those benefits are on TOP of your wage.

You get overtime pay after 8 hours, not 40. Our contractors don’t play games.

We have the best healthcare and retirement in the industry.

More Hours, Work and Jobs

More contractors are getting more jobs.

Twelve union contractors have signed on to aggressively market service, light commercial, and residential work.

If one contractor isn’t busy, you can work with another who has hours available.

Security for You & Your Family

Safety training, equipment and tools provided to you at no cost.

The best training to advance your career–included. Not out of your pocket.

Representation that makes sure you are treated fair and right.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Will I Get Laid Off?
We have a new and flexible program. It means that 12 contractors are bidding for residential and light commercial work. Workers with this program have been consistently busy and looking at 2,000 hours a year. It means that you have an opportunity for better wages and better work. It’s really the best of both worlds — you get to do the work you’ve been doing for more pay and better protection as part of the union.
What Are The Dues?
Dues are around a dollar an hour. It’s a small price to pay for the guarantee of better wages and benefits, the tools you need to do the job, and someone always looking out for you. And, it’s a lot less than what non-union contractors take out to pay for their benefits.
Is School Mandatory?

No. But, if you want to get more jobs and more hours, it is highly encouraged. In addition, contractors pay your way for school. This saves you thousands of dollars in out of pocket costs. Better jobs and better paychecks with someone else footing the bill, but it’s ultimately up to you.

How Will The Other Union Guys Treat Me?

Once you join Local 8, you are treated as an equal member of the team. You get the same privileges and representation as every other union member.

Does Everyone Work at the Same Level?

What level you start at depends on your level of experience and the types of jobs you want to do. We’ll make sure you get the right wage and benefits package. And, with contractors paying for your training, you can always work for better jobs and better paychecks.

What About the Incentives My Employer Gives Me?
Non-union contractors sometimes give one-time goodies like paid vacations, a truck, tools, or even a television, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’ll get a better wage and benefit package over the long term with us. It’s easy to give a $500 TV to an employee and then take $650 out of his paycheck each month for health care.

Withus, your benefits are on top of your wage. You get the tools necessary to do the job. And, contractors foot the bill if you want to get additional training to get better jobs and a better paycheck.




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